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Studio Offerings

ABsolute Pilates is a beautiful studio located in the heart of SouthPark offering safe and effective training in the Authentic Classical Pilates Method, workshop and teacher training in the CORE BARRE System of Smart Movement® and Ortho-Bionomy® for bodywork.


Let our highly-trained instructors guide you through a complete body workout designed to give you increased core strength, suppleness of your spine, better posture and an improved sense of well being...not to mention a toned and sleek body!


Come and experience a healthier and happier lifestyle through mindful and Smart Movement®.



Private and Semi Private Sessions

Private Lessons

This session is all about you!.
Our Pilates Instructors will tailor your session based on your individual needs and goals using all the pieces of apparatus in the studio. You will receive a full body workout with hands-on instruction and plenty of attention to detail. You will learn the purpose of the Classical exercises so that you will gain greater awareness and understanding of your body.
Privates are required for the beginner, for those that need personalized attention due to special areas of concern, or those who simply want to accelerate faster in their Pilates practice.

Semi Private or Small Group Lessons

Duet or Trio lessons are an excellent way to have the benefits of a private session working with all the pieces of apparatus such as the Reformers, Towers, Wunda Chairs, High Chairs and Barrels. Start with a friend, or allow us to match you with someone at the same skill level, and we will offer both you and your partner a fun and challenging workout!

Private, Semi-Private and Shared Lessons are 50-55 minutes in length.

30 Minute Private Lessons

If you are crunched for time and need to get a quick workout in or if you are recovering from illness or injury and need to slowly get If you are crunched for time and need to get a quick workout in or if you are recovering from illness or injury and need to slowly get back into exercise then this is the perfect option for you! exercise then this is the perfect option for you!



Ortho-Bionomy® is a gentle, non invasive form of bodywork that re-educates the body by facilitating its self corrective reflexes to find balance and ease.  This method, developed by an osteopathic physician Dr. Arthur Pauls, allows the practitioner to gently and effectively boost the body's ability to self-correct.  

We offer 60 minute and 90 minute sessions at the studio facilitated by our certified practitioner, Patty Thomas.  Please contact the studio for more information or to book a session.

Core Barre - Smart Movement®

Teacher Training or Small Group Sessions

CORE BARRE is a classical system of movement designed to create strength, flexibility and a balanced body. It is based on elements of Pilates, Ballet, and Athletic Conditioning and consists of high energy, low impact and fat burning exercises. 


The CORE BARRE movements exercise our bodies in such a manner that does not cause injury or further promote imbalances. Rather it strengthens all muscles and re-programs the body to move in the way it was naturally designed to. 


CORE BARRE participants quickly learn that engaging in a workout or class exercise does not have to mean ' no-pain, no-gain'. In fact, movements in CORE BARRE exercises are designed to be effortless, graceful, and energy generating, creating a meaningful and purposeful rhythm that is attuned to our bodies and surroundings.


We provide instructor training in the CORE BARRE System of Smart Movement® exercise modality for teacher training and continuing education.


CORE BARRE and it's complimentary workshops for continuing education make up  the Systems of Smart Movement® and offer intelligent and exciting programming choices for small group settings as well as private instruction.


Learn more about the three day teaching training aimed to inspire and invigorate the teacher, to deepen their own personal practice and to expand their knowledge base of biomechanics with a structured barre syllabus that truly promotes the beauty and Art of Smart Movement®.

What is the Art of Smart Movement®?

'Smart Movement® is an exercise system that is efficient, not wasteful.  It is constructive, not destructive.  It is informed, purposeful, precise, artful and well balanced!  It creates an awareness for mind and body and one that is rewarding to both the teacher and the participant.'

-Monica Hoekstra
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