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Open Workshops


Upcoming workshops open to all and designed to inform, inspire and promote the Art of Smart Movement® at ABsolute Pilates!


  • Increase mobility, relieve aches and pains, and de-stress your body with myofascial release so it can perform more efficiently.  This workshop with provide you with some simple techniques to release fascia throughout the body, along with complimenting stretches to support the method.

*Taught by Rebekka Schulze, Pilates Instructor and graduate of Jay Grimes, ‘The Work’ and a certified Physical Therapist.

*Fascia Ball for each participant included in the workshop fee.

Date: February 29, 2020  Time: 11am-1pm  Cost: $80 includes fascia ball for each participant.


BASIC - OR NOT SO BASIC?  Challenge yourself with some essential moves!

  • How are your basic skills?  Have you reviewed some of those “easy” moves that you learned a long while ago?
    Find out how going back to the basics will actually take you forward.  And don’t let the basics fool you … you might be surprised how challenging they really are.  Use the basics to your advantage, find out what’s possible and how you connect deeper into your body and your Pilates practice.
    This workshop will be presented by Rebekka Schulze.

Date: February 29, 2020  Time: 2pm-4pm  Cost: $70



  • Learn how to use tools as simple as elastic bands, balls, towels and marbles. Help conquer bunions, fallen arches and plantar fasciitis.  Learn about your foot anatomy and valuable self care tips & techniques that will keep your feet healthy and at the same time, strengthen your seat!  ** A ball and band is given to each participant!  
    This workshop will be presented by Monica Hoekstra.

Date: March 1, 2020  Time: 9:30am-11:30am  Cost: $60



  • If you do the Basic Mat plus the famous ‘ab series’ everyday for a month...I promise you will see a change in the way your body moves and feels! Learn the order, the modifications your body may require and how it can be intensified. Included is the ‘Wall’ exercises to help make your posture perfect and some “Towel Exercises” to help start your day revitalized and refreshed.
    Ten to fifteen minutes is all it takes making it a win win to get in shape at home, while traveling and to keep you strong between your lessons at the studio!
    This workshop will be presented by Monica Hoekstra.

Date: March 1, 2020  Time: noon-2pm  Cost: $60



*Call the studio at 704-442-8600 or contact us via email at: to sign up!

*Register for 2 workshops and receive 5% off, 3 workshops and receive 10% off,   

4 workshops receive 15% off.

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